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Next Up: Axioms Staged Reading

The Writers' Block at MCS invites you to the ninth play in our New Works Series: Axioms by Aubrey Clyburn

Promo poster for Axioms: Aubrey's headshot and the synopsis of the play on a black background with red borders.

My first play, Axioms, will have its first staged reading at Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre!

I started writing this play about two years ago, when I was living in Wilmington, NC and learning Java to fill my time. It was supposed to be an experiment to see how I could put math and theatre together and then it got very personal and here we are.

This play is special to me, not only because it's my first, and not only because it's personal, but also because so many of my favorite people have been involved in making it. From virtual writing workshops to Zoom readings with college friends to this, I've been amazed at how the people around me are so ready to support my art - but of course I'd do the same for them. It's a really lovely community and I am very happy that this reading is happening at MCS in particular.

I learned a lot about myself by writing this play. I've started another one to see what else is there. It's a mess, but I like it. I hope someone else will, too.


Axioms by Aubrey Clyburn

Directed by Katelynn Kenney

A neurodivergent mathematician struggles to solve a fight with her best friend using the language she knows best: axiomatic set theory.

SYNOPSIS: Eliza, a lonely, hyper-logical mathematician, has had a fight with her best (and only) friend. So she retreats to her mind palace to find a solution using the only tools she has: memory, axiomatic set theory, and stuffed animals. She keeps trying to apply mathematical principles to situations from her life, and the math keeps getting more complex, until she finally has to ask whether there's a solution to be found there at all.

Playwright: Aubrey Clyburn is a neurodivergent actor, writer, and amateur mathematician. Originally from North Carolina, she earned her BFA in Acting from Texas State University ( ’20) and is now based in NYC. Recent acting credits: Shark Week (Samuel French OOB Short Play Festival), Ophiology (Matthew Corozine Studio), High School Coven (National Women’s Theatre Festival), The Velociraptor’s Very Good Day (Prospect Theatre Company). This is her first full-length play. Come say hi at!

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