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Aubrey Clyburn

Los Angeles | non-union

Hi there! I'm an actor, writer, and amateur mathematician.

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Aubrey Clyburn theatrical headshot.jpg

Headshot and resume. Stapled back-to-back, please.

And what do you have to show us today?

Here's my demo reel, with clips from:

- Inter-State (2024)

- Half (2023)

- Evening Into Night (2022)

Do you have anything else?

Sure! I have more clips right here.

Axioms_March 1_edited.jpg

You said you're a writer, too?

I did! My first full-length play, Axioms, has been selected for staged readings at Matthew Corozine Studio Theatre (NYC), the Neurodivergent New Play Series (NYC), Arizona Actors Academy, and CalTech's MACH 33: Festival of New Science-Driven Plays (LA). A monologue from the play will be published in December 2024 as part of Smith & Kraus's "Best Women's Stage Monologues 2024".

And an... "amateur mathematician".

Amateur mathematician, professional nerd. I've been a TA, tutor, and virtual instructor for 4th grade up to college-level math classes, and I have the special skill of pointing at invisible diagrams in front of a green screen. And as a bonus, I am excellent at escape rooms. Pattern-seeking brain.

Aubrey with books.jpg
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